Storify Assignment

Whole Foods

The Whole Package

Jillian Steptoe, Sydney Crimmins and I decided that for our final project we would create  a sample box of goods for Whole Foods and call it the Whole Package. The box will contain food items, home goods, and beauty products that can be found at Whole Foods. Also, the box would contain coupons for products that would be unable to ship such as produce or refrigerated items. The contents of the box will be customizable due to the consumer’s preferences or dietary needs. Best of all, the Whole Package will be delivered right to the consumer’s doorstep. We will run commercials to inform consumers on our new product, as well as in-store and online promotions.

Corporate Casual

Spring is just around the corner. Here are the five latest trends to keep you looking your best in the office.

1. Bright colors. Look your best this spring in the brightest colors the season has to offer. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

2. Go for gold. Pick gold accessories over silver ones.

3. Make a statement. Statement jewelry will help tie any look together.

4. Pretty patterns. Stripes and chevrons are the perfect compliment to any outfit.

5. Simple soles. Keep it simple when it comes to shoes, don’t try to overdo it.

Look Both Ways


Some might have wondered what a feminine brand like “Always,” was thinking when it decided to put together a campaign and advertisement to air during the Superbowl. Being the first ever feminine brand to advertise in the Superbowl, “Always,” was definitely in uncharted territory. It is safe to say they nailed it with their #LikeAGirl campaign. Who wathes the Superbowl? Men (dads), boys (brothers), women (moms) and girls. This campaign appealed to everyone. In the ad, “Always,” stated that girls’ confidence plummets after puberty. That is easy to understand. They are experiencing changes within their body and these changes can be awkward to talk about, even with their parents. Not to mention, puberty years are when bullying is at its peak. “Always,” brings this to viewers’ attention by asking participants to “______________ like a girl.” By doing so, “Always,”seperates itself from all other feminine brands by stating its a brand that stands for something, rather than just being a feminine who promotes colorful packaging and reliable protection. This fits in with Malcom Gladwell’s TED Talk of product differentiation. People don’t always know what they want, so sometimes you have to tell them what they want. “Always,” is telling the people, “we are a brand that stands for something, a brand you can trust. You want that.” This also goes along with Simon Sinek’s TED Talk about leaders. Its not about “what” you do, but “why” you do it. While other brands are busy promoting the features of their products, “Always,” tells you why they do what they do.